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Personal Experiences

I have seen the Dai Gohonzon a significant number of times. Each time has been a very significant experience for me!! The events which occur subsequently in my life are always synchronous and meaningful.

When we walk out of the head Temple I often feel very light in myself and my senses are so clear that the immediacy of the Now hits me like an enormous breath of fresh air. Everything is so clear and so well defined. The senses are indeed alive.

Other times concentrating on the Myo inscribed on thre Dai Gohonzon , the Myo has become a bright Jewel or gleaming star and the whole Dai Gohonzon is like the vast spaces of the Universe.

The chanting of the retinue of Priests led by the High Priest Nikken Shonin is like a vast ceremony in space where the whole ceremony is like wonderful music bathed in light which comes from the deepest recesses of the Universe.

I remember sitting in front and close to the Dai Gohionzon and being bathed in compassion and perfection. We were bathed in deep light and what was so deeply moving was that the tears just rolled down all our faces

We see our lives in the mirror of the Dai Gohnonzon? It is a life which transcends time and is infinite. It is full of compassion and Wisdom The supporting role of the High Priest and Priests are essential. Without them there is no genuine pure Buddhism.

They do the ceremonies and look after the Dai Gohonzon and maintain the purity of the teachings. Our numinous and actual experiences are charged with the communality and ground of our shared being. Everybody who has chanted to the Dai Gohonzon enshrined in the Head Temple at the foot of Mount Fuji without exception receives proof of the powerful effect of the Dai Gohonzon on their lives. This is why because the evidence is so immediate that other Nichiren sects who do not have the Dai Gohonzon cannot possibly experience this ultimate truth.

This brings to mind excerpts from the Gosho ( letters written by he Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin to his disciples) which state

I, Nichiren, do not cry, but my tears flow ceaselessly. I shed my tears not for worldly affairs but solely for the sake of the Lotus Sutra. So indeed, they must be tears of amrita ( tears of immortality) The True Entity of Life I

QUOTE--The True Aspect of all phenomena

- I experience immeasurable delight even though I am now an exile. . I shed my tears not for worldly affairs Joy as well as sorrow moves us to tears. Tears express our feelings for both blessings and misfor- tune. The one thousand arhats shed tears in memory of the Buddha, and in tears Bodhisattva Manjushri chanted Myoho-renge-kyo. From among those one thousand arhats, the Venerable Ananda replied in tears, "This is what heard." The tears of all the others fell, wetting their inkstones, and they wrote Myoho-renge-kyo, followed by "This is what I heard." I, Nichiren, now feel exactly as they did. I am now in exile because I spread the five and seven characters of Myoho-renge-kyo. I spread this teaching because "This is what I heard": Shakyamuni Bud- dha and Many Treasures Buddha left Myoho-renge-kyo for the future and for all living beings in the country

Another time I saw the dance of life in the Universe down to the most minute electrons. It was a dance of celebration and affirmation. It was deep and very profound -- deeply moving.

A few years ago coming back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen train I suddenly felt totally enveloped in light and it was like being home in the universe-feeling loved and loving. Here I was celebrating, very happy and enjoying every single event which was happening to me.

The Power of this teaching is truly amazing, It changes suffering to happiness, cures incurable illness, prolongs life, makes the impossible possible and allows us to come home to one self and being part of the whole Universe again as our lives flourish and everything changes for the better.

With this Buddhist Practice we can do the impossible. The increased Vitality from chanting, the inspiration, the increased Brain power makes each of us significant in our own individual mission to create a better and wonderful World We are not at the end we are at the beginning of a Brilliant Glowing Golden Age of Humanity and real Human Beings. We at last have our lives and our freedoms.