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On Practising the Buddha's Teachings



The time will come when all people.will enter on the path to Buddhahood and the mystic law alone will flourish throughout the land. In that time, because all people chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo together, the wind not beleaguer the branches or bows nor will the rain fall hard enough to break a clod. The world will become as it was in the ages of Fu Hsi and Shen Nung in ancient China. Disasters will be driven from the land and the people will be rid of misfortune. They will also learn the art of living long fulfilling lives.Realise that the time will come when the truth will be revealed that both the person and the law are un-aging and eternal.

There cannot be the slightest doubt about the sutras solemn promise of a peaceful life in this world.

On Practising the Buddha`s Teachings. 1273