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All Buddhas are happy, healthy and surrounded by abundance

Be Happy

Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and BE HAPPY


The Muryogi sutra states" if you embrace this sutra, you will naturally receive the benefits of the six paramitas without having to practice them"


"sad indicates perfect endowment.sad indicates india the number six implies perfect endowment.....the great teacher Tien-tai remarks "sad is a sanskrit word which is translated as myo".....if we believe in that phrase ( myoho-renge-kyo)we shall naturally be granted the same benefits as he(shakymuni) was

Reply to kyo'o


She will be free from fear like the lion king---Kyo`o gozen`s misfortunes will change into fortune.Muster your faith and pray to this Gohonzon.then what is there that cannot be achieved?

You should believe the lotus sutra when it says, "the sutra fills one`s is the pond`s cool, clear waterthat quenches thirst" and "they will have peace and security in this life and good circumstances in the next."

Reply to kyo'o 1273


The blessings gained by arousing even a single moment of faith in and understanding of the Lotus Sutra surpass those of practicing the five paramitas; and the benefit enjoyed by the fiftieth person who rejoices on hearing the Law is greater than that acquired by giving alms for eighty years. The doctrine of the immediate attainment of enlightenment far outshines the doctrines of other scriptures; and the pronouncements concerning the revelation of the Buddha's original enlightenment and the immeasurable duration of his life as the Buddha are never found in any of the other teachings.

Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra in the third month of 1263, Nichiren daishonin