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It is the Law which is Supreme. We venerate the three treasures --The Buddha, The Dharma ( Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) and the Sangha ( The Priesthood ) Ultimately we each stand on our own not subject to higher Human Authority but accessing the Ultimate truth with our beloved Master , The Buddha Nichiren Daishonin. Each of us is free through our unique connection and devotion to the Law to create a New World of unlimited Human aspiration and freedom.


The Law is described in one of Nichiren Daishonin`s most important Gosho The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life Shoji Ichidaiji Kechimyaku Sho




Shoji Ichidaiji Kechimyaku Sho

 (Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life) is

Shoji is life repeating the endless cycle of birth and death.

Ichidaiji is "the most fundamental essence." Ichi, is literally "one, " "the one and only." Ichi is also chutai essence (entity or source).the essence of the Universe The Middle Way Ichidaiji, then, is "the one and only fundamental essence."

Dai, literally "great, " here is used to mean that the ultimate law of life is the fundamental force which penetrates and pervades not only humanity but all things in the universe. It denotes the universality of life.

Dai also means kutai, fgorce enegy space (potential

Ji literally means "fact." That the ultimate law of life is constantly present.

ji also means ketai. Facts phenomena (form) The changing world-the changes in all phenomena

Shoji ichidaiji-- the ultimate law of life

Kechimyaku is the "pulse" unchanged, beneath the passages of life and death. It also represents the The master-disciple relationship with Buddha, as the teacher who transmits the law of life ---.

Shoji Ichidaiji Kechimyaku Sho ISThe one and most fundamental essence the pulse of the force of life, and also indicates that the universe is a living biological process . It is the way the Buddha endows people undergoing the endless cycle of birth and death with the ultimate law

En'yu-santai or the perfect union of the three truths is also Ichidaiji

The 'perfect union of the three truths' is called Nam-myoho-renge-kyo."



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