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The Great Aspiration of The Buddha-

The Worldwide Propagation of

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

For the emancipation and freedom of all Humankind

February 16 1222


  • As Boddhisattvas  I believe we need to ask ourselves what is the purpose of kosen rufu and how does the widespread propagation of Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo affect the World


  • When we chant we are observing and taking responsibility for our lives


  • We are accessing  our deep wisdom , courage and compasssion to solve any problems we may have in our lives as we tap into the deep core of the mystic law within us
  • Thus we need to see the Gohonzon as a mirror which is internalised and gives a clear reflection of our lives


  • This practice is therefore defined as esoteric as compared with exoteric which is the usual parochial authoritarian mode of institutionalised religion.



  • Such religion as an institutionalised form is theoretical rather than rooted in inner experience,


  • Our Buddhism is not assymetric in terms of being subservient to hierarchical authority where a separation from truth is evidenceed by symbols of authority and  patriarchy


  • Any such practice  would distance us away from direct experience of the mystic truth within each one of us!!


  • Our devotion to the Dai Gohonzon ensures that the mirror of our lives is accurately reflected in our hearts with no intermediary and this expresses also the fusion of the wholeness within us in terms of yin and yang, existence  and non existence the male principle and the female principle


  • We are all potential Buddhas aiming to crack and hatch through the egg shell of ignorance



Awakening Freedom Autonomy Happiness  Mastery